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Something For Everyone

Here at CMPS we stock a wide variety of audio equipment. 

Perhaps you need a few microphones, or a full system with an engineer, either way, we have you covered. 

CMPS have invested heavily in LD Systems speakers. They sound crystal clear and have proved highly efficient. Our LD stock consists of both passive and active cabinets.

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Speaker Systems

You can hire a simple vocal system, or add subs to make a great system for a band or DJ. Currently in stock are the following:

6x G2 Stinger 15" Passive top boxes

2x G3 Stinger 18" Active subs

2x G2 Stinger 15" Active subs

4x G3 Stinger 12" Active tops

2x G3 Stinger 8" Active Tops

2x Icoa 15" Active Subs

2x Icoa 12" Active Tops

All the top boxes can either be used as traditional FOH speaker, or used as a monitor with a nice focus angle. 

To discuss what PA is best suited to you then please contact us now to tailor the right system.

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On-Stage Monitoring

Arguably one of the most important parts of any audio system. 

CMPS stock both passive and active monitor speakers. In addition to this, we can add subs to create side fill systems, or add a bit more low end at any drum position. 

We also stock both wired and wireless IEM systems, along with generic IEM buds with fresh buds per hire.

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Microphones & Di Boxes

Our stock of microphones and di boxes include:
Audio Technica 
Orchid Electronics
SE Electronics
We also stock Sennheiser Wireless Handheld Microphones. Growing more and more popular with musicians, we felt it was the right time to purchase these to offer our clients.

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Audio Cabling

Quality cable is also key to any audio system. With that in mind, we build the majority of our signal and power cabling.

We stock mainly Sommer and Van Damme cable, with Neutrik and Amphenol connectors.

Including XLR, Sub snakes, Analogue and Digital Multicore Systems keeping any event running from FOH to the stage.

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Multi-track Recording

This service is becoming evermore popular. Thanks to the use of Digital Mixing Desks, we can record direct to USB or any DAW very easily. 

CMPS stock Mac Mini's, loaded with Protools to track any event. 

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Mixing Consoles

Soundcraft are known for their legendary sounding mixing desks. This is one of the main reasons we have invested in their Si expression range. Digital desks are undoubtably the way forward for most. The Si range are small and powerful yet very simple to navigate around, which allows us to achieve a quick mix for the client. To us, this is very important and these desks allow us to do this effortlessly.

In stock are:

Si Expression 1 - 14 Fader

Si Expression 3 - 30 Fader

Si Mini Stagebox 32 

Thinking of hiring a mixing desk?

Contact us now to discuss your needs or a demo.

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